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Cell Regeneration

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Three terminally ill recovered all its functions in the face

by the reintroduction of adult units. The U.S. scientific community endorses treatment.Two surgeons Polusa Hospital Lugo, Joaquin Pedro Mendonça Charity and Juiz-Lopez, just developed a pilot clinical study worldwide pioneer in the field of adult stem cells.

The technique, which is roughly the multiplication of healthy units drawn from the patient's own bone marrow and subsequent reimplantation in the affected area is attracting the admiration of the international scientific community.

Doctors have presented at conferences held in recent weeks in Spain, Korea, China or Colombia, and the prestigious Journal of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, publishes original article in its November issue.

With the authorization of the Ministry of Health, the innovative treatment was carried out during the last two years in three patients-Galician men 50-60 years with incurable lesions on the face that had been treated and for which no solution existed.

"One of them had radionecrosis following radiation therapy given him 14 years ago from cancer. His face was destroyed, with the bones, skin and glands burned ' explains Dr. Mendonça. The other two suffered a "massive loss" of jawbone due to multiple trauma in a car accident, the first, and a disease, the second.

The strategy was: doctors performed a spinal bone marrow in the hip of each patient and sent to cells in Barcelona delegation of Aastrom Biosciences, one of the few companies in the world approved for growing adult stem cells.

 "What we did was play these cells and develop a matrix. Then surgeons the reimplanted into the lesion to iniciasen anidasen and regeneration of bone tissue, "explains Francisco Vidal, CEO of the company in Europe. Immediate success The replantation was the critical point, but the success came at once.

No patients spent more than a day hospital and immediately began regenerating. "They appeared new skin, new nerves, new blood vessels and we pursued in principle that was new bone. Recovered all functions without any problems. Now all lead normal lives, "said Mendonca, who chairs the World oenegé Surgeons.

 "How are adult cells, the patient's body, there is no rejection, no genetic problem because they have their own DNA," said Vidal. "These cells are extracted from the patient's body, not an embryo, and regenerate any tissue" Interview | joaquín mendonça | 11/05/2010 Dr. Joaquin Mendonça believes that adult stem cell treatments could favor in the not so distant healing diseases that are incurable today, like Parkinson's.

 -It is a very safe technique, which poses no ethical problems and, most importantly, it works. - What is the difference between adult stem cells from the embryo?

-The adults are drawn from the patient's body, not an embryo, and in theory can give rise to any cell or tissue in the body. Were discovered recently in adult bodies in trace quantities, but can be grown. If the body provides one can achieve 500 or 1,000.

-The work developed with Pedro Lugo Juiz places at the forefront of regenerative medicine ... -We had the collaboration of health staff and Aastrom Polusa, but did not aid or subsidies from anyone, although the results are archidocumentados and continually had to present evidence. Such treatment is extremely expensive because it is individual and multinational pharmaceutical companies are hindering them they would have to work more and earn less. But hopefully in the future someone will help us finance to move forward.

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