The NGO Doctors of the World is a medical-humanitarian project which operates in several African countries, focusing its policy framework in Uganda, a country considered by Hemingway and Churchill as the most beautiful on earth and one of the places that mankind originated.

The team is currently composed of five surgeons: Joaquín José Mendonça Charity (chairman of the NGO) and Juiz Pedro Lopez, Lugo, the coruñés Platas Jose Luis Fernandez, Jose Luis Vega, Santiago and Alejandro Castillo, Madrid. Their work and effort is focused on the dignity of man and therefore of life. Since 1996, Africa is already in the minds of these surgeons adventurers professionally and especially in the human. Uganda becomes the main destination. Located this country in the region of the great lakes, mountains give life to the Nile River, in the midst of its abundance of forests and an abundance of wildlife. The southern part of the country is overturned on Lake Victoria, the largest inland sea in the world, emerging from more than 80 islands and islets. But the wealth of this region is deeply linked to the tragedy with Idi Amin and Milton Obote ruined the economy in the seventies and saw the emergence of AIDS, spread voraciously and taking the lives of millions. Currently, under a relatively stable democracy, expanded enormously. However, their health status is very poor. There is a free public system, but without drugs, doctors or sufficient means. These doctors see the necessity of joining an association in a country where it is difficult to gain the trust of politicians to give up their share of power at the same time recognizing the scientific and moral authority abroad.

Uganda, with nearly 50 million inhabitants da, had until recently a single oral surgeon, Dr. Iuventine Ekoku, who after his unexpected death, leave this plot care without coverage, increasing therefore the responsibility of the NGO.

In Mulago and Mengo perform complicated interventions: cleft lips, cleft palates, temporomandibular ankylosis cancer or head and neck, coming to perform up to 60 operations in a week. In Mengo Hospital, the eminent Italian doctor known Fulvio Franceschi, head of the Children's Orthopaedic Surgery Unit, operating rooms and gives them health workers to carry out many of these interventions. Equally important has been the launch of Mulago Hospital (Kampala) the only department of oral and maxillofacial surgery that serves Uganda and neighboring countries. One of the most important is the training and teaching. The NGO sees the need to make the leap to a real solution to the problems of the sick and expectations of future search in which Africans are able to serve them, thanks to the educational background and institutions that take care of perpetuating the legacy of the pioneers in these fields. In 2002, doctors will know who important part in future projects, Sister Gertrude, Catholic nun who runs the orphanage Cheshire, recovery center orthopedic surgery that also includes children suffering all kinds of deprivation. Thanks you have operated some of his children and proposes to operate many who herself could collect rural through contacts with local NGOs. From this chance meeting would emerge one of the most important projects of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery that Spain has child in Africa. When the severity of the diseases found no solution in Uganda, the NGO, in collaboration with sister Gertrude, Lugo moves to some of these children for surgery. Since 2006, the city of Lugo, hosts, through the Daughters of Charity and Daughters of the Parish to these children. Religious and families work together to offer also an atmosphere of home with the social and educational. This is complemented with the medical-social affective. Year after year, without noise, without presumption, with very few resources and the condition of anonymity, the surgeons in the world move to Uganda laden with generosity, with the sole mission of saving lives altruistic.