Many people wonder what leads certain individuals to leave his country, his family, his friends and a way of life for deslazarse accommodated thousands of miles in search of a chimera passing huge penalties and taking big risks and economic losses.

There is no single answer, not even all the answers that can be given minimally satisfy the truth.

Our world of a decadent society immersed in a value system based on the triumph of material wealth and accumulation of fictitious titles and honors, status, status, hierarchy and external signs. A lifetime dedicated to obtaining external wealth is but a wasted life. Opulence, vanity, conceit, pride, classism, arrogance, greed and pride define the vices of those who have completely lost the natural sense of life and existence. Consumerism appalling that we are immersed degrades not only the individual but also destroys the natural resources of a fragile and delicate that it can not withstand the imbalance that is causing a single species.

The most sensitive sick, physically or mentally, often because there is a discrepancy between what they think they should be and what we are or do.

Violence, drugs, crime, war, famine, genocide, are manifestations of a system that has lost its roots and dignity, forgetting the teachings and wisdom of their ancestors and the rich culture of humanity.

There are plenty of options and trends that oppose consumer society model and empty of values: the arts, science, music, philosophy and a host of activities along whose mission is to elevate the human condition beyond the limits materialism.

Many people channel their energy in the sense of solidarity with other people or with other beings, but not always motivated by the same reason, it is always a way of life more satisfying and profound.

On these reasons or motivations might speak something, we have seen a lot during the last 11 years in Africa, all kinds of people lugging his personal universe of solidarity or cooperation.

Repentant of horrific crimes or misdemeanors banal, victims of slights loving heavenly plots buyers, enlightened, philosophers, political activists or revolutionaries, adventurers, seekers, religious and even true saints up this microcosm of humanitarian aid.

The case of surgeons in the world is different, much more humble. This organization is composed exclusively of surgeons (for now). You have to understand what the medical profession to understand the philosophy of the group. For more demagogues who insist, medicine is different from other professions. Is the doctor the only one that is required much more than what is given, is the one who attends the birth and accompanies us (better or worse) at the end of our lives, put their hope in him the sick and their families and must give support and comfort to the desperate and sick of soul. The doctor knows our innermost secrets and is bound by oath not to reveal them and never use this knowledge to our healing. The objectives are all medical care, teaching, research and compassionate care, regardless of specialty or category. The economic objective is not only legitimate but necessary in a profession that demands constant renewal in training, but, unlike most health professions, it should never be the primary goal. Doctors of the World is an association of physicians that has no special merit, traveling to exotic countries and have the opportunity to meet many interesting people and cultures, to practice medicine in all its dimensions and to participate in the satisfaction and joy of the process healing of so many poor and humble people who start a new life and full.

In Africa you learn a lot, laugh a lot and lived intensely with very few needs amidst lush natural beauty in the land of the ancestors of humanity. It is a privilege to live these experiences, not a sacrifice.

This organization is not affiliated to religious group, political, social or economic development of any kind. This allows to act according to conscience without relying on external impositions or preconceived or biased patterns. It is the key to the group's indecency turn your most valuable asset and it has cost them more expensive.

Being granted a free and independent moral force that caters to patients as needed obviating their origin or religion and confront the powerful and the corrupt denouncing the abuses and injustices in Spain or elsewhere. This NGO is the heritage of all the simple people of all backgrounds, is the common space that is agreeable to everyone either left or right, atheists, agnostics and religious Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim, rich and poor, scholars and illiterate.